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Firstly.I am not a poser or perverted man like the other 99 percent on here! Secondly.Actually think I covered it off in the first phase!I love talking and finding out about people so fee
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I love to be out and have fun, basically i believe in enjoying life. There are still goals i am working to accomplish. I am very friendly and outgoing, yet i also enjoy my quiet time at home, watching TV
best website for casual encountersbabycharity1    Ajax, Ontario
I drive a Mazda Rx8, love to travel. Played sports, but now I'm focusing on school and my career. I'm in school for pre med. 5'0 & no kids yet, single by choice- very goofy and open minded
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I am a very laid back person who enjoys life. My family is very important to me and I spend as much time with them as possible. I love my children. I live for them each and every day.

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